The Rascally Diner is the brainchild of Rufus Skumskins O’Parlsey. You may know him from his award-winning biography The Rascally Cake, written by Jeanne Willis and Korky Paul.

Rufus shot to fame when he created a huge, carnivorous, human-munching cake from an assortment of grim and gruesome ingredients. He narrowly escaped the grotesque gateau’s grip on account his peculiar taste - a result of his foul diet. The cake is still at large…shh…check over your shoulder…is it there? Probably not! But it might be someday. Therefore, it is vital that you too eat disgusting things to protect you from its jaws, its fangs, its grotty gnashers.

But what to make!? Don’t you worry, you have the Rascally Diner in your corner, serving up foul and fiendish fun food – recipes to make your Gran grimace and Aunty Sheila shriek.

You’re welcome.

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