The Rascally Diner was set to take the world by storm in 2020, premiering at Brighton Festival before touring to festivals across the UK including Norfolk & Norwich, bOing! and Just So. 

Sadly COVID-19 got in on the act and Rufus has been in lockdown at the Diner ever since. 
Don't worry The Rascally Diner will be back in 2021, dishing up disgusting dishes to the great unwashed. 

The Rascally Diner is a 50 minute fun-filled, messy performance about food and our enjoyment of it - a ridiculous “televised” culinary experience for families suitable for audiences aged 5 and up.
The Rascally Diner is a LAStheatre production, supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Just So Festival. With further support from artsdepot and Arts Council England.
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